2018 Texas State Skeet Championships
National Shooting Complex
San Antonio, TX
June 21, 2018 - June 24, 2018

Lifetime Career Shoot-off
TSSA Banquet
Past HOA Champions
Herb Gundelfinger Trophy
Earl Barroso Trophy
Gene Jackson Trophy
5-Man Team Eagles
Referee of the Year
Service Award Winners
Past Champions

2014 Texas State Champions
High Overall
Champion: Riley Chaddock 399x400
Runner Up: Richard Funk 397x400
Third: Don Snyder 397x400
Ladies High Overall
Champion: Lindsay Plesko 394x400
RunnerUp: Tami Myers 394x400
Third: Bailey Glenewinkel 384x400
Doubles Event
Champion: Josh Poole 99x100
Runner Up: Christian Webb 98x100
Third: Cameron Schuster 98x100
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12 Gauge Event
Champion: Robert Paxton 100x100
Runner Up: Bailey Glenewinkel 100x100
Third: Jo Ellen Collin 100x100
20 Gauge Event
Champion: Josh Poole 100x100
Runner Up: Richard Funk 100x100
Third: Riley Chaddock 100x100
28 Gauge Event
Champion: Shawn Scott 100x100
RunnerUp: Tami Myers 100x100
Third: Cameron Schuster 100x100
.410 Event
Champion: Riley Chaddock 100x100
RunnerUp: Robert Paxton 99x100
Third: Skeet Smitha 99x100